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Welcome to Sydney Silver Cab Service, One of the most popular, trustworthy, and comfortable ride with maxi cab in sydney. Experience the ride that you will cherish forever with our professional drivers and spacious cabs. Book your maxi cab sydney with silver cab now and enjoy a memorable journey with us. Whether it’s for a party transfers, wedding maxi taxi, city tour cabs transfers, or any other special occasion, trust us to get you to your destination safely on time.

Get the best maxi/taxi cabs at your doorstep

Looking for a ride at your doorstep? Sydney Silver Maxi Cab Services is here for you! We bring one of the best maxi cab Sydney services right to where you are, at the convenience of your doorstep. No delays, no waiting beyond what is promised. Get into our clean, comfortable cabs for a smooth journey. Our responsible drivers know their way around Sydney and give priority to your safety. We’re not just a maxi cab service, we’re your travel companion!

Enjoy a Convenient and Comfortable Ride to Your Destination

Go to your Destination with Maxi Taxi Services and Spacious Maxi Cabs Sydney

Are you ready to roll with Silver Taxi Service? Our best-in-class maxi cabs or taxi maxi are your door to a comfortable ride. No matter the distance or the time, we’re here for you. Our maxi taxi services are all about punctuality and comfort. Travel around Sydney without worry, our professional drivers will get you there. Whether you want to go to the airport, to hotels, or just explore around the city, we are here for you, whenever you need us. With our maxi cab sydney, you can enjoy more convenient transportation.

Book Your Maxi Cab Service Maxi/Taxi Near Me

Silver Taxi Service offers affordable, best-in-class and clean Maxi Cab services near you. Whether it’s airport transfers, corporate events, family outings, or Group travels we are here for you all the time. Our Maxi Cab sydney are perfect for seating large groups comfortably. Book online now to secure your ride.

Select the vehicle and taxi services you require

We offer a wide variety of fleets and maxi cabs to suit your needs. Whether it’s a quick trip or a special occasion, we have the right fleet for you. Our user-friendly booking system makes it easy to select your desired vehicle. We’re committed to providing a service that can be easily relied upon, a vehicle that is comfortable and designed to serve you. So why wait? Pick your ride and let’s get moving. Your perfect journey starts with us!

Our Services

Sydney Airport Transfer


You can arrive or depart with ease to/from Sydney Airport with the highest level of comfort. Along with this, you get to experience the smoothest and most comfortable Sydney Airport transfers with Sydney Silver Maxi Cab Service. Our reliable range of vehicles includes spacious cabs for groups, maxi taxi and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Or Baby seat taxi sydney You can count on us for seamless pickup and drop-off services that will ensure a smooth journey to or from Sydney Airport.

Corporate (CBD) Transfer


Looking for dependable transportation in Sydney’s CBD? Try Sydney Silver Maxi Cab Service! We provide corporate transport for professionals, making sure you get to your destination on time and in comfort. Our modern vehicles and experienced drivers prioritize your safety and convenience. Whether it’s meetings, events, or airport trips, we’re here for you whenever you need us. Enjoy smooth rides with Sydney Silver Cab Service, where professionalism and comfort are guaranteed. Book your corporate transport today and see the difference for yourself!


Cruise Transfer Sydney

Are you ready to go on your cruise journey using the cruise transfer offered by Sydney Silver Cab Service? You can drop off and pick up from the cruise terminal or your door by using our professional drivers. We offer taxis that won’t let you or other passengers down, whether you’re traveling alone or with family. We guarantee that no one is left behind and that comfort is not compromised by age or disability with our selection of wheelchairs and child seats. Make your Cruise Taxi reservation with us right now for a trip you will remember for a very long time.


General Transfer

For all of your general transfer needs, use Get Maxi Taxi Sydney to easily explore Sydney and its areas. Maxi Cabs, which can accommodate 1–11 persons, are part of our fleet and are ideal for travels and city tours. No matter the size of the gathering or the time of day, maxi taxi can accommodate everyone. Enjoy simple pick-up and drop-off services across Sydney City. Just relax and let us handle your trip plans while you explore and rest.


Parcel transfer

Day and night, we at Sydney Silver Cab Service put forth endless effort to assist you with your package transfers. Count on us to deliver heavy or light packages around Sydney in a timely and safe manner. Your packages will arrive at their destination without any problems thanks to our maxi taxi services. Taxi maxi treat everything with the utmost care, from crucial documents to furniture.


Raceday Transfer

Did you know that you may have a stress-free, seamless race day travel with Sydney Silver Cab Service? Traveling to and from your Race Day festivities will go smoothly thanks to our dependable Maxi/Taxi service. Our fleet of 1–11 passenger Maxi Cabs will be available to you anytime you need us, no matter where you are. Get your Race Day transfer reserved today.

Our Fleet

Sliver Cab Sedan ​

Our sedan can accommodate four passengers and their luggage with comfort.

Sliver Cab Suv

Our SUV taxis can accommodate up to 4 people and ensure a comfortable travel.

Sliver Cab Maxi Taxi

Our Maxi Cab can comfortably carry 10 people with luggage. Your ride will be completely comfortable & guaranteed.

Why Choose Our Maxi/Taxi Cab Service

Nowadays, finding the right taxi service can be challenging. People search for a reliable and comfortable service, but when they choose other companies, they are often dissatisfied. Other taxi services fail to provide the quality service we prioritize for customer satisfaction. With Silver Cab Maxi Taxi Service, you can expect:

How many people and bags can fit in a Maxi/Taxi?

 If you need extra space or room for additional luggage. It seems like you might need a Maxi/Taxi or a Wheelchair Taxi for your group travel.
One thing everyone desires from a taxi driver is local knowledge, and we have that well and truly covered. As the largest owned and operated taxi fleet in Sydney, we ensure a high standard of service for our customers.

How do I book a Max Cab Taxi in Advance?

Need to book a Maxi Cab Taxi in advance? Here are your options:

  • Online Booking:

    Conveniently reserve your Maxi Cab Taxi through our online platform.

  • Call Bookings:

    Simply give us a call to secure your booking with ease.

  • WhatsApp Bookings:

    Reserve your Maxi Taxi with just a few tappings through your personal WhatsApp.

Need to book a Maxi Cab Taxi in advance?

What are the features of a MAXI CAB TAXI in Sydney?

What payment methods do you accept for booking a Sydney Maxi/Taxi?

 Discover our convenient payment options for booking a Sydney Maxi Taxi. We accept :


Maxi taxis are private vehicles that are meant to provide seating capacity to a larger group of people.

In a maxi taxi, up to 11 passengers can be accommodated with their luggage’s easily.

Yes, maxi taxis can be booked for trips to and from the airport.

To book a maxi taxi in sydney, you can contact us any time. You can call us at our phone number (483960040) or send us an email to (

A Maxi taxi is a spacious vehicle that can accommodate a larger group of people and it is quite comfortable.

Yes, we do offer wheelchair-accessible Maxi Taxi for differently-abled people.

We provide Max services in most regions of Sydney. Whether you have to go to the airport, explore the city, attend corporate meetings, plan a big wedding transfer, etc., you can leave the responsibilities of transportation on us.

Max taxis are larger and can accommodate more people and therefore they are more expensive than regular taxis.