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Wheelchair Taxi Service Sydney

Sydney Wheelchair Taxi or Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT), Silver Cabs can accommodate clients with different levels of mobility by offering wheelchair-accessible taxis around the Sydney region. Customers can get a timely and personalized taxi service by making a reservation for a wheelchair taxi that is reliable and licensed. We accommodate their unique travel needs and offer mobility support in Sydney.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Sydney, We provide a disabled taxi Sydney services, with a range of wheelchair taxis for individuals with disabilities. Our wheelchair taxis are all sanitized, well-maintained, and equipped with air conditioning. Our wheelchair maxi taxi service in Sydney is built to accommodate wheelchairs. With space for up to three wheelchairs, we ensure a safe, comfortable, and convenient ride for everyone.

Book Wheelchair Accessible Taxi with Easy Disabled Access

Silver Cab has professional taxi drivers for wheelchair taxi services in Sydney, we make moving around easy for everyone. Need a wheelchair taxi near me that’s accessible and super easy to get into? Our wheelchair taxi with cabs are designed for people with disabilities, so you can ride comfortably and without any trouble.
Book a wheelchair taxi or a wheelchair cab and travel around Sydney without any difficulty. Our wheelchair taxis meet all Australian disability standards. Whether you use a wheelchair or need extra assistance, we are here to serve you. To book a wheelchair taxi Sydney service just call us at +61 416 196 240

Sydney Disable Taxi Service

We offer best disabled taxi services in Sydney, ready to help out people who might need a little extra assistance with getting into a wheelchair cab. If someone has trouble getting around because of a disability, our Sydney Disable Taxi is here to help them out.
At Silver Cab, we believe everyone deserves a comfortable ride, so we’ve got special wheelchair taxis or disabled cabs just for you. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, a shopping trip, or a visit to friends, we can help you.


Wheelchair Taxi Sydney Airport


At Silver Cab, our specialized wheelchair Taxi has all the licenses and authorizations needed to operate in Sydney and is specifically designed to help individuals requiring wheelchair-accessible transportation, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride for every passenger
We also understand the importance of easy transportation, especially when travelling to or from the airport. Our dedicated wheelchair-accessible taxis are always there to accommodate your specific needs, providing a good experience from pick-up to drop-off.

Safe and Secure Rides Wheelchair Taxi

Silver Cab Service is a top-notch maxi service provider and is committed to providing safer rides for every customer. We ensure to provide high comfort and safety to our disabled clients throughout their journey.
Our specially designed fleet features a safety mechanism to provide safe and secure rides for our wheelchair users and clients with limited mobility.
Our drivers are specially trained to help out disabled clients and are completely certified by the Australian government. With safety and security assurance from Silver Cab service wheelchair taxi rides you can travel with confidence to your desired destination. Your convenience is our top priority and we take pride in being the most reliable wheelchair taxi provider in Sydney. Call us to book or get a quote for a disabled taxi Sydney. Call us at our wheelchair taxi number 1300 159 060 for direct booking.

Sydney locations that are accessible by wheelchair taxi

The largest city in Australia takes pleasure in being easily accessible, whether it’s inside the metro region or throughout the Greater Sydney area. Choosing silver cabs to go there makes it hassle-free and there are many wonderful locations to visit and activities to do. 

  • A Manly ferry
  • Taronga Zoo
  • Sydney Tower Eye
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Blue Mountain lookouts and tourist attractions

Silver Cab Services

Our wheelchair taxi with cab services have been designed to suit everyone’s needs and for that, we have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi

At Silver Cab, we’re here for everyone, including those using wheelchairs. Our Wheelchair Accessible Taxis (WATs) are just a booking away!

Silver Taxi Services

Travelling around Sydney is quite a smooth and fun-driven experience with us. We’ve got a range of cabs ready to serve, and our drivers really know their routes in and around.

Maxi Cab Taxi - Group Travel

If you’ve got a big group and lots of things to carry, Silver Cab’s maxi/taxi is perfect for you. Our maxi/taxi fits up to 10 people and has lots of space for all your bags.

Sydney Airport Transfers

Our cab services are always there to either take you to the airport or bring you to your desired location from the airport.

Why Choose Silver Cab’s Wheelchair Taxi

There are numerous reasons why you must choose us and some of them have been listed below


Silver Cab Wheelchair Taxi FAQ’s

Yes, you can absolutely book wheelchair Taxi service in advance with silver Cab service. It is advisable to make advanced wheelchair accessible taxi booking for smooth journeys.

The price for wheelchair taxi service must be Little higher when compared to regular taxis as wheelchair taxis require special modification and highly trained drivers. Call us to know more regarding price and ride quotation.

Wheelchair taxis cost a bit more than regular taxis but are not too expensive. Call our executive working 24×7 to answer your queries. Call us to get a ride quote.

To get a wheelchair-accessible taxi in Sydney, you can call us anytime, day or night, at +61 416 196 240. You can also book a taxi by visiting our website with just a few clicks.
Once you have booked your taxi, in no time, your cab will be on your way. However, it is always a good idea to book your taxi in advance so that you do not hurry at the last moment.

You can book a wheelchair-accessible taxi in advance. It’s a super easy process with us and makes your ride stress-free. You can either go to our website and book or give us a call. We’ve got your back 24/7 with our best customer service..

In Sydney, our wheelchair taxis can usually fit foldable wheelchairs, but it depends on the size of the taxi that you have booked. Some wheelchair cabs can handle larger electric wheelchairs too, but it’s good to call us ahead to make sure we can accommodate your specific wheelchair.

Wheelchair-accessible taxis in Sydney with Silver Cab don’t cost more than regular ones. We keep our rates to suit the interests of the passengers and make sure everyone gets the best service. You can call us, tell us where you are, and we’ll let you know the cost of the ride based on that and how long the ride will take. We’ve got wheelchair-friendly taxis too, and we promise to get to you in 15 minutes or even quicker.

We mainly have the following options that you can choose from:


Wheelchair Accessible Maxi Cab: These are spacious wheelchair cabs suitable for groups travelling together, especially if there are one or two people in wheelchairs. Just let us know how many people are travelling and how many wheelchairs need to fit, and we’ll find the best option for you.


Foldable Wheelchair Accessible Sedans: These are standard-sized cabs modified to fit in wheelchairs. They have ramps, lifts, and anchors to secure wheelchairs safely during the journey. Give us a call to book this wheelchair-accessible taxi service through Silver Cab.